Training: Negative Only Shoulder Press and Pulldown

Just a couple more videos showing the Eccentric Edge piece for vertical press/pull work.

The last video is a bit dark throughout but still gives you an idea after having seen the other videos…you do miss my power clean to get the lever up high enough, though.

5 thoughts on “Training: Negative Only Shoulder Press and Pulldown

    • David,

      Depends on how we’re cycling training demands. I’m currently not using any negatives, but in the next 4 to 6 months I’ll be bringing them back into my routines.

      Mark (blonde beast) does them weekly in addition to his westside-inspired powerlifting routine. Boss Mark does them with beast Mark because beast Mark is controlling the routines…make sense?

  1. At the risk of being a pain, couldn’t you accomplish the same thing as the pulldown doing weighted pullups (with a dip belt) and stepping up on a box for the concentric part of the rep? I.e. only doing the eccentric with a dip-belt and pullup bar?

    I really like the idea behind the Eccentric Edge stuff, and can see it as a really useful tool. Is there an advantage to the pulldown machine I’m missing?

    • Chris,

      You can accomplish the same thing. The problem comes when you get really, really strong and are clipping 100+lbs to your waist. It’s not impossible, and it’s how I did it for years, but if you have training partners it makes life a little easier.

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