Efficient Exercise: The Super-Dynamic Hip Bridge

Certainly the ass lover Bret Contreras would approve. At least I hope, as New Zealand can do all sorts of things to a person.

Keith Norris and I were working out (by that I mean talking about milk, beer, and what we’re going to present during the Ancestral Health Symposium) and I wanted to torch my hamstrings with a chaotic application to a hip bridge curl. This is the result.

Next time I do it, I’ll slow down a bit. However, I had a hard time walking correctly after doing this, so I achieved my goal.

7 thoughts on “Efficient Exercise: The Super-Dynamic Hip Bridge

  1. Hey, Skyler. I like it. Say, are your feet connected to anything special there? I have a set of rings and a bench and would like to try this. Thanks

    • Johnny,

      My feet are slung in blast straps that have ab slings attached to them. One could makeshift this with hardware store velcro straps and auto ties.

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