By now you’ve read my blog. You understand that I’m a practitioner of evidence-based, no-bullshit training and nutrition coaching. I believe in the smallest psychological change that yields the greatest physiological outcome. I carry this into all of the coaching and advising that I do in with my one-on-one training and nutrition coaching. Now you can get the benefit of my experience (14 years and counting) while sitting on your (soon to be rock hard) ass.

-30 minute consultations, via Skype or phone: $75

Choose one (1) topic: diet or exercise.

-Strictly Accountable: $100

One (1) weekly email check-in for 1 month.

-Strictly Accountable Plus: $100/month (6 month minimum)

Nutrition and exercise coaching to create a long-lasting transformation. It takes time to install newer, better habits and this is the program you’ll need to make a life-long change. Two (2) weekly emails which regularly adjusts to any roadblocks you might experience.

-The Problem-Solver: $200

You’re already on the right path, you think, and you’ve hit a roadblock. Let me review your current diet and exercise regime, identify stumbling blocks, and get you back on your way to the body and health you’ve always wanted.

-The Control Freak: $700

If your schedule is too busy, you need accountability, or you’re just getting started this 3-month training and nutrition program lets me take the reigns. This includes:

  • Exercise and nutrition coaching, planned for the real world.
  • One (1) 30-minute Skype or phone consultation per week.
  • Three (3) emails per week for questions, concerns, or troubleshooting.

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