Jumping Quite High

I don't want to bore everyone to death just yet with my adventures in Ecuador, but expect an update (with videos!) about that later this week. I'll also have some travel tips that would followed the "fitness" aspect of this blog. As mentioned in a previous post, one of my goals on the year is … Continue reading Jumping Quite High


A Vacation And Glycemic Gabbing.

So later today I'm heading out of the country for the first time ever in my short life. I'll be visiting the oft-mentioned girlfriend in Ecuador, where she has been teaching English as a volunteer with WorldTeach. I'll come back with pictures and video but before I go I saw this study regarding the validity … Continue reading A Vacation And Glycemic Gabbing.

Mix It Up: No Need To Separate Foods During Meals

I'm always experimenting with foods and recipes. I eat mostly fresh foods in their natural packaging, or paleo if you'd like a use a catchy, esoteric label, biasing my caloric intake toward fats and protein most of the time. Tonight I made some almond meal pancakes that I ate while snacking on a green apple. … Continue reading Mix It Up: No Need To Separate Foods During Meals