The Safety Squat Bar: Making a Tall Guy Squat Right

My friend Doug McGuff , author of the new book Body by Science, once made this comment at a training conference: "We tend toward the things we're not naturally talented at." I find this accurate in my own life, as I was a beanpole basketball player growing up who decided to try his hand at, … Continue reading The Safety Squat Bar: Making a Tall Guy Squat Right


It Isn’t Magic To Eat Like A Hunter-Gatherer

I am not a paleo romantic. I don't believe life was better when we were roaming tribes. I don't care that my ancestors had more muscle and less fat. I live in a post-modern society that values science as a means to explain the world around me and I have no intention of looking like … Continue reading It Isn’t Magic To Eat Like A Hunter-Gatherer

Review: Fat Head

So I'm all for sports/health documenteries that take a nice preconcieved notion and jostles the shit out of it. Bigger/Faster/Stronger did this for me last year and now we have Fathead to have a chat about.I've been aware of Fathead since sometime last year, when clips of the documentary starting popping on on various health/fitness … Continue reading Review: Fat Head

The Future of Strength Training?

So my studio recently became a testing ground for what just may be the future of exercise. What if you could train a muscle to total exhaustion, safetly, without the aid of spotters to save a large weight from crushing your skull? Intrigued? Read on...While Efficient Exercise has been on the cutting edge, using training … Continue reading The Future of Strength Training?