Personal Mythology: Using The Narrative Fallacy To Your Advantage

It burns.
It burns.

After a short discussion with Brent over at Healthcare Epistemocrat, I posted this simple quote on my announcement wall at my studio:

“Culture and mythology trump everything: we live by fiction.”

And just above that quote, I added a quote from Shinzen Young that tied in serendipitously:

To teach is to inevitably mislead people to a certain degree…to fail to teach is to mislead people even worse.”

What do they mean by that and how can it be put to use in our daily lives? Continue reading

Intelligent Exercise Studio Tour

Apologies for the lack of posting; I’ve been moving and busy with school, an e-book, and other projects. I have 6 posts coming down the pipe in the next six weeks at a minimum covering a wide range of topics. Stay tuned for that.

I’ve linked to Doug a few times now and he just sent me a tour of his facility. While this might be a few too many machines for a few of my readers, I feel confident in saying that anyone who loves iron would be right at home training in between these walls: