The CSPI Stikes Again: Movie PopCorn Edition

The militant-vegetarian-posing-as-nutritional-big-brother CSPI were (shockingly) allowed to comment on this story about the amount of calories in a a medium popcorn and soda combo at your local theater. The grand total of this dynamic duo, 1610 calories and 60 grams of saturated fat, is certainly excessive for anyone in one sitting. However, let's play this … Continue reading The CSPI Stikes Again: Movie PopCorn Edition


The Definitive Growth Hormone Post

I'm a fan of a hormonally adequate environment for health and fitness. By this, I mean that all hormones should be in a normal physiological range. Point of fact, if one was to believe the claims of supplement hucksters, all the cortisol in our body should be destroyed, when in reality only excessively high levels … Continue reading The Definitive Growth Hormone Post