Obese Metabolic Ward Studies

Instead of clogging up Richard's blog with endless study rebuttals to personally held convictions about diet, I decided to make a post about it. First, here's what I'm responding to: As a former fat broad, who also was a fat kid when there was only one fat kid in the class (as opposed to today), … Continue reading Obese Metabolic Ward Studies


Insulin Sensitivity Means More Than You Think

Insulin is, by current accounts, the greatest scourge to a lean physique, long-term health, smart children, world peace, sexual competence, NAFTA, singularity, the economy, the rain forests, climate change, your mother, your father, and your brothers and sisters. In short,  you should panic and throw yourself from the nearest window.  Since the nearest window is … Continue reading Insulin Sensitivity Means More Than You Think