Obese Metabolic Ward Studies

Instead of clogging up Richard’s blog with endless study rebuttals to personally held convictions about diet, I decided to make a post about it. First, here’s what I’m responding to:

As a former fat broad, who also was a fat kid when there was only one fat kid in the class (as opposed to today), I completely agree with you Richard. Weight loss, insulin sensitivity, metabolism, all that is different for those of who have been very over weight or who were over weight for a long time. I think it makes a big difference for someone like me who has been overweight my whole like (45 years) UNTIL now. Everytime (Lyle Mcdonald) or Colpo or any of these young, never been a fat bastard types, go on about what the metabolic ward studies prove, I scream at my computer screen “Excuse me but who are the subjects of these metabolic studies?” Young, never been over weight people. HELLO? And exactly how does the effect and food and macro ratios have on these people relate in any way to my body? The metabolic ward studies only show what happens to young, lean people. The rest of us got fat or were fat because our bodies are not like these people!!

So after the cut I’m going to start a list of links and abstract titles for metabolic ward studies performed with obese individuals. I happen to love studies performed on obese women, so the first few might only focus on them. Over time the list will expand so that I have a central location to keep track of these things. Continue reading

The Holiday Damage Control Protocol

If you’re like me, the holidays don’t really do anything to the waistline or the scale. I eat the treats elsewhere and avoid bringing them home with me. My girlfriend likes to say I have huge self control, when really my self control is “fully charged” from not being tempted all the damn time at home. However, I understand that many of you are weak, perhaps praying to the deity of your choice to release you from your holiday chocolate addiction. Some, I’ve heard, are even considering a life of flogging at their local abbey. Well before you pick up your cat o’ nine tails or do a Sedona Coyote dance, let me save you, my child. I have a protocol for those guilty of reckless, sinful lack of self control around the cookies, cakes, and truffles. Continue reading

Insulin Sensitivity Means More Than You Think

Insulin is, by current accounts, the greatest scourge to a lean physique, long-term health, smart children, world peace, sexual competence, NAFTA, singularity, the economy, the rain forests, climate change, your mother, your father, and your brothers and sisters. In short,  you should panic and throw yourself from the nearest window.  Since the nearest window is on the first floor, I merely got a bit wet (it’s been raining). Hopefully you smacked your head and came to your senses: we have insulin for a reason. Today, I’d like to shine the light on a study that shows we might be able to determine our “best” diet from our fasting insulin levels. Continue reading