Gironda’s “Mass Gain” Shake

Fridays in my house are typically a low-food affair. Rather, most of the really simple to prepare things are gone and any meat is thawing or in the long water bath. If you've just come home from bouldering, as I have, what are you going to make that is full of thick, tasty, nutritious goodness? … Continue reading Gironda’s “Mass Gain” Shake


Sunday Folly – Links, Love, Laughter

Since my posting has been somewhat...lean as of late, I'm attempting to post weekly about things that I've had email conversations with people about or have tiny one paragraph observations about. I like alliteration, so I'll subhead each category with "Link, Love, and Laughter." Links: Ever wondered how naturally thin people respond to overeating? Instead … Continue reading Sunday Folly – Links, Love, Laughter