Lessons For Paleos From “The Blue Zones”

So what can the longest lived populations teach us about health in our youth? This is what Dan Buettner attempts to tease out of these isolated populations with his Blue Zone project. There is a lot to learn from these peoples, especially if you're of a doctrinal paleo position.So knowing that lifestyle accounts for the … Continue reading Lessons For Paleos From “The Blue Zones”

The “No Bull” Mass Gain Experiment

I'm naturally a pretty lean gain, but in an ectomorphic "skinny-fat" sort of way. When I first got "serious" about strength training, I was 18 years old and went from the low 160's to the mid 180's in about 4 months time. Everyone noticed, especially people I hadn't seen in months. Unfortunately, I fell victim … Continue reading The “No Bull” Mass Gain Experiment