If This Saturated Fat Is Going To Kill Me, It Should Really Hurry Up

Just a quite blog post about some blood work I had done last week. 19 hours fasted, 2+ years being practically paleo and here are the results:

Lipid Panel

  • Total Cholesterol: 199
  • HDL: 71
  • LDL: 120 – Calculated, 86 with the recalculation (More on this in a moment)
  • Triglycerides: 41
  • Total/HDL = 2.8 (average is 4-6 and ideal is 2-3)
  • HDL/LDL = .82 (average is .3-.4 and ideal is above .4; extreme end of ideal)
  • Triglyceride/HDL = 0.58 (optimal is less than 2, so again, extreme end of ideal)

CRP – <0.16 mg/L (Low risk is < 1.0, so extreme end of ideal)

Fasting Glucose: 80 mg/dl (Range is 70 – 100)

Vitamin D3: 80.17 ng/ml

So I’m feeling pretty good about my diet and health markers. The last time I had a blood draw my HDL was 43 so I’ve increased the amount by nearly 75%. Groovy.

As for the LDL calculation, if you have low Trigs you get screwed by the Freidwald equation. A closer estimation of your actual LDL can be calculated here. Freidwald overestimated me by 50%(!), which is consistent with Richard’s experience over at Free The Animal.