There Is No Failure, Only Feedback: What I Learned From The “No Bull Mass Gain” Experiment

Sometimes, you embark on something grand and highly visible just before you realize that you’ve already had a sea change you weren’t willing to admit.

Such is the case with my “No Bull Mass Gain Experiment.” I was ready to move on, I “knew” I was ready to move on, and yet I hadn’t admitted I was ready to move on.

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve gotten deeply into rock climbing, specifically bouldering. This is a sport that relies on a high power to weight ratio, with runner up emphasis on flexibility and anaerobic endurance (depending on the boulder you’re climbing). Strength is important…mass less so. One can see how the outright mass gain would not align with this goal.

However, it’s important to step back and consider what has been learned and, more importantly, recognize how far I’ve come. Continue reading