The “Vindication” Of John Berardi

Don’t know who John Berardi is? I bet a lot of people haven’t heard of him (like they haven’t heard of Martin Berkhan). The problem with people who I follow (or follow me) is that they keep the wagons circled, often refusing to venture outside of the “leaders” such as De Vany, Eades, Norris (who will agree with this), Sisson, etc. If you’ve had a modicum of success with this Paleo-ish dieting and health movement, you don’t want to hear a different viewpoint. This makes sense, as you don’t want to fuck up a good thing, right?

Robb Wolf likes to say we take from the past without turning it into a religion…which is exactly what so many want to do. It really irritates me that people will get in pissing matches about nightshades, carbohydrate content of the diet, and grain fed vs. grass fed. The latter is especially irritating, as people will go as far as to say grain fed is junk food not fit for human consumption. If I’m nice, that person is misguided; if I’m mean, they’re out of their fucking mind. Digression.

So turning this evolutionary minutia and cutting edge science into a usable template without bowing to the altar of paleo? Dr. Berardi has been doing this for at least 9 years. Continue reading

Insights From The Bodybugg

Calories matter. They determine the direction of your weight trend over time. You can lose weight and wreck your lipids due to the quality of your calories or you can gain fat with great health markers if you eat too many calories from good food. This used to be a bone to pick with most in the paleo community (which I find myself part of. Generally. Most of the time.), as some individuals were convinced we could ignore the laws of physics like we ignore evolutionary biology as it applies to humans (to paraphrase Robb Wolf). Fortunately, people are coming around. Even Dr. Eades is apt to point out that such a diet ultimately reduces caloric consumption which helps people lose weight. Is that the only thing at work? Hardly, as supported by my link above, but calories drive the direction of composition change and health markers generally improve with improved body composition.

Now, you might remember my ripping of resting metabolic rate measurements as nothing but noise for most people. The qualifier was that most people don’t know what they’re eating on a regular basis so having a resting metabolic rate number is generally noise. I know how much I eat regularly and, as much as I hate tracking calories, am willing to do it to check how my dietary quantity matches my output. Enter the Bodybugg. Continue reading