Ancestral Health Symposium 2011 Presentation

In all the posting I've done about yoked shins and motor learning, I failed to post the presentation that Keith and I had gone to California to perform live and uncut! We didn't really practice, unless you call EE TV practice. In spite of this I think it went off well and we received great … Continue reading Ancestral Health Symposium 2011 Presentation


Product Review: Tibia Dorsi Machine

It is often stated in strength training: get good at the big movements and you won't have to worry so much about the small movements. This is due to the indirect effect of strength training: doing a barbell squat takes strong abs, arms, back, stomach...oh, and strong legs too! This is also why you might … Continue reading Product Review: Tibia Dorsi Machine

Motor Learning and Exercise Physiology

So this semester I'm taking 2 courses to fulfill my leveling requirements for entrance into my M.S. program. While I find motor learning and exercise physiology terribly fascinating, I'm even more fascinated by the the fact that so few trainers and fitness enthusiasts have anything beyond a mere clue when it comes to these subjects. … Continue reading Motor Learning and Exercise Physiology


Review: Outer Limits Loops

So I recently was bit by my dog. Understand that she wasn't trying to bite me but rather kill my other dog. The bite ruptured my tendon sheath and made extension of any sort mind-numbingly painful, never mind the medial epicondylitis that appeared in response to constantly having a certain degree of flexion at the … Continue reading Review: Outer Limits Loops


Locomotive Breath

First, give a listen: Now, this doesn't have to do with rock or flutes or being a ham for the camera. Rather this is about a device I recently picked up: the Expand-a-Lung. What this (rather simple) device allows me to do is increase the resistance against which I breath. Over time I increase the … Continue reading Locomotive Breath


There Are No Shortcuts

I hate traffic. Not that I think anyone in the world actually *likes* being traffic (which is the case, as opposed to being stuck "in" traffic), but I think some people handle it better than others. Traffic used to irritate me to the point of intense rage. I would quickly find myself in a very … Continue reading There Are No Shortcuts


Ancestral Health Symposium 2011

There are approximately  a gajillion posts about this event (hell, just crank through the twitter hashtag #ahs2011) but I thought I should throw my 2 cents in. First, I'd like to show you the greatest thing I've ever seen: Right in the fat of the UCLA campus no less. Keith and I presented with what … Continue reading Ancestral Health Symposium 2011