21 Convention, Strength Training, and Richard Nikoley

This past weekend I presented at the 21 Convention. The title of my discussion was “Strength Training and the Biomarkers of Aging,” in which I attempted to show that strength training, as far as an exercise stimulus, was superior to just about anything. I attempted to demonstrate this from gene to organism, which as you might expect makes for a very science-driven talk. I also attempted to keep things funny with a peppering of memes and photos, like this one:

Or how I likened Keith to Duke Nukem:

Always bet on Keith to keep the flat top haircut.

The feedback has been quite positive and I think I can enhance the talk further for a future event. AHS 2013, perhaps?

We also debuted the newest ARX Omni to the world, putting Keith through a hellacious pulldown workout. Afterward we crowded around the microphone EETV-Style to answer questions and address concerns. We’re basically the Manny, Mo, and Jack of the strength world.

That evening we had dinner with all of the speakers and I was able to shoot the shit with Dave Asprey, who has taken the biohacking thing to a level I’d never dreamed of and Tim Ferriss won’t be able to until his next book advance. I learned a lot and maybe even got Dave to consider that olive oil isn’t a delicate flower when it comes to heat:

The next day I had the opportunity to put Eric Daniels, his fiance` Rachael, Doug McGuff, and Richard Nikolay through a workout at my studio. Eric and Rachael work out at Doug’s Ultimate Exercise in Seneca, South Carolina, so they had an idea of how hard they were going to work. Doug was coming off a 1 month break from strength training with a hyper-sensitive physiology to react to whatever I threw at him. They all busted ass and we had a lot of fun.

Richard, who in case you don’t know is a misogynist, was a damn hard worker. I didn’t tell him what I was going to do to everyone else, understanding that Richard is very perceptive and detail oriented in his observations. I explained just enough get him to understand what I was attempting to get everyone to do: maintain a conscious, voluntary effort from the start of a set to the finish while letting me narrate the subtle nuances of the set. If you’re going to get all that can be earned from their protocol, you have to be able to put yourself in someone’s hands. Your focus is on controlled effort; let me (or the trainer) narrate the set, anticipate where you might stumble, and guide you to fatigue. This is no “ra-ra” trainer bullshit: I am a benevolent dictator, aware of your inability to do this on your own, and I will drag you kicking and screaming to a level of physiological stimulation you’ve never experienced. If your goal is once every 5-7 days per workout, this is the only way it’s going to work.

Afterwards Richard, Doug, Keith, and Michelle came over to our home for a dinner of sous vide chuck roast, caramelized butternut squash, and a chocolate gateau (all paleo). Everyone talked for hours and had a great time. The depth of Doug’s knowledge astonishes me every time I talk with him, as does the depth of his care. Richard, for all of the internet bullhorn truth-telling persona is so friendly, engaging, and curious that it’s no surprise he can distill all of this paleo stuff into posts that motivate people to take the leap. I can learn a thing or two about how to do that on this blog. That and our wives get along great, having slogged through the public education shit storm that we’re currently engaged in.

Great weekend, great friends, great times. I’m so pleased and grateful to be able to call you all friends.

21 Convention: “Strength Training and the Biomarkers of Aging” bibliography

I mentioned that I was presenting at this year’s 21 Convention and attempting to get the 20-something guys at the event to give a damn about their health before natural selection starts offing them for their inactivity and dietary indiscretions.  Here are all the references I used in my presentation, for the curious amongst you…after the jump.

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Upcoming Event, Services, and Recommended Websites

  1. I’ll be speaking at the 21 Convention this weekend here in Austin. My presentation is going to be the hashing out of strength training’s effects on the biomarkers of aging. I’ll be updating the biomarkers to include discoveries in molecular biology over the past 20 years and I’ll also be introducing the guys to Michael Rose’s ideas on biological immortality. Tickets can be found here. Don’t worry boys, this time I’ll have powerpoints and jokes.
  2. I recently published a price list of my services. While I’ve fielded questions in the past I’ve found people are apt to listen to advice that they’ve actually payed for! Funny how that works. The list can be found here.
  3. Not a total aside to my services but I’ve turned off comments. I’ve not found, at least on my blog, that comments have stimulated meaningful discussion. I don’t get the traffic that someone like Richard Nikolay gets to balance the dittoheads and people just out to argue on the internet with real discussion. I get way more emails than I do comments and I like it that way. Find my email in the contact tab.
  4. Finally, if you want a website that covers supplements using real scientific data, go ahead and click on over to examine.com.