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  1. Hello Skylar,

    Hello from Central NY. I am an exercise Physiologist in Ithaca NY, part of the finger lakes area. Our clients Jim and Peggy Bramble should be returning to you shortly as they have left to go back to Texas this past week….

    Just wanted to give you an update on this past summers training for the two of them… They both had been working with me for a half hour a week working on mostly stregth, mobility and balance exercises. I had progressed them off some of the machine based nautilus equipment onto some db ground based exersices as best i could – you can only do so much with a half hour a week…

    We worked on timed exercises 1.5 min to 2 min long about 15 or so reps…achieving muscle falure/fatigure by the end of most sets…

    Jims Workouts

    Nautilus Leg Press 260lbs 1.45min
    TRX Push ups body weight 1.50min
    TRX Inverted row ” ” 2.10 min
    Leg Extention 25-30lbs 1.55 min
    Cable Pulldown 40-45lbs(4-5plates) 2.0min
    Nautilus Nitro Chest Fly 40lbs 2.o min
    Nautilus Nitro Rear Delt Fly 30-35lbs 2.0 min
    Cybex Torso Rotation 40-45 lbs 15 reps each way
    Nautilus Ab crunch 80lbs 15 reps
    Balance board mini squats for fun – no time
    Shoulder DB Lateral raise on balance board 5lbs 15 reps
    back and shoulder mobility stretches

    Jim’s main concern over the summer was playing golf, a few times he came in complaining of back or groin pain after some of his golf outings or overdoing the yard work. Both, Peggy and Jim, are convinced that “this is the pain you get when you become old”. Jim could benefit most from increasing his flexability and improving his balance.

    Peggys Workout

    Nautilus Leg Press 240lbs 2.o min
    Hip abduction 65lbs 1.50min
    Hip adduction 50lbs 1.5min
    Nautilus Ab Crunch 65lbs 15reps
    Nautilus Chest Press 35 lbs 2.0min
    Cable Sated Row 30lbs 2.omin
    Nautilus Chest Fly 25lbs 1.45min
    RearDelt Fly 15lbs 1.4min
    Balance board mini squats
    Balance board Shoulder lat raise 3lbs 1.5min
    Torso Rotation 30-35lbs 15 each way
    Mat ab work to finish

    let me know if i can be of any further help… tell the brambles i say hi..

    Dusty Paul
    Island Health and Fitness

  2. Skyler,

    Thanks for the Free vs Vff review. Can you tell me if either are OK for running on sidewalks (concrete)?

    Thanks for your opinion!


    1. Jeff,

      If you have to run on concrete the Free would be a better choice. However there are many, many individuals out there running on concrete in the VFF’s and even huarache sandals. Since I do sprint work, I prefer the VFF’s. Start slow and see how you respond.

  3. Looking for the little box labeled “Suscribe”” and could’nt find it. Hopefully this will suffice.
    Really enjoyed resding your blog-FYI found it through a link on JCDFitness.


    1. Barbara,

      I have the old fashioned RSS feed via the address bar. Let me make some edits and see if I can get a simple button up. Thanks for the positive review!

  4. Hi Skyler Tanner,

    I am reaching out to you because of your position as a Paleo/Primal friendly blogger. I would like to introduce a great new Paleo product that is available to help people stay Paleo while on the go.

    First, a little about me. My name is Kristin Jekielek, and I’ve been living Paleo for a year and a half now. As a young professional and CrossFitter, I often find it challenging to maintain the Paleo lifestyle. However, the difficulty of overcoming these obstacles has provided me with great insight into how to eat right when time is short and resources are limited.

    I have become passionate about the Paleo lifestyle because of the amazing benefits I have seen in my own life, and in the lives of others around me. This passion has been the primary driver in the creation of PaleoGoGo, an iPhone app which I have developed, and is now available on iTunes. The app provides users with over 2,000 specific meal suggestions at 300+ of the nation’s leading chain restaurants, to help you stay Paleo(~ish) while on the go. You can find more information about this product on my§ §website ( or on the§ §Facebook §page§ (

    If you like the app and want to share it with others, then link to PaleoGoGo on your website. Simply copy and paste the following code directly to your website. I would be happy to link to your site as a supporter of PaleoGoGo, just provide me the code.

    I hope you or someone you know will find this app useful! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or feedback you may have.

    Best wishes,
    Kristin Jekielek

    PS – An Android version is in the plans and should be available in the first half of 2011!

  5. Just to clear things up, I know who Robb Wolf is. His article, videos, and radio interviews can still be found in the Crossfit Journal. I didn’t realize that Crossfit NorCal changed its name to NorCal Strength and Conditioning and is no longer affiliated with Crossfit HQ. I don’t know why he’s no longer affiliated with Crossfit but he does continue to list his Crossfit certifications in his bio on the Norcal Strength and Conditioning website. So you’re right. However, to imply that he has given up on Crossfit theories is incorrect. Just take a look at the videos found on the NorCal website They definitely seem to follow Crossfit methodology.

    1. Hey Steve,

      The crux of my tweets (which is how I would assume you came across me going on about Wolf) was this:

      “…Which is to say he’s been erased from the history of xfit.”

      It’s more about the falling out that Robb had with xfit a few years ago and how, in spite how much he did for them, that only people who have been at it a long, long time are aware of him. It was in no way a knock on you for not knowing about him but I see how what I said would be interpreted that way.


  6. Hello Skyler

    This is with reference to the launch of the Ren Ex equipment. You guys @EE have been at the pinnacle of innovation with the ARX fit. How do U compare the two. Has Ren Ex really taken the game to a different level or is it on the same plane with the ARX fit. The multitude of possibilities that the ARX offers will sure stack the odds in favor of the ARX. More like a Mitsubish lancer EVO vs Ferrari. I’ve seen the EVO beat the Ferrari hands down on the track as well as provide a nice family car, something that one could even learn with before getting to grips with the limits that it has to offer. Proves to be an all rounder at a fraction of the cost, similar to our ARX. The Ren Ex on the other hand would be a dream to own. I’ve been interacting with Randy and Mark since the ARX prototypes were around and am in the process of generating a loan to get my first Omni with which I plan to setup my facility. Not that I am gonna be jumping to the Ren Ex boat, the cost itself is so prohibitive; just wanted to know.


    1. I think you’re becoming a bit to “us vs. them” about the whole thing. Mark didn’t set out to make the “zenith” machine, nor is it the only exercise we do at EE. It is a tool, one that can be very useful for many individuals. The Renex equipment is a tool, very precise tools at that. I’d love to have the lumbar extension in my gym, for instance. At the end of the day they are tools.

      Neither of them are worth a lick if a person cannot extract from them what they are capable of delivering. This takes patience, learning to get out of your own way, and neither are going to allow a person to exceed the maximum rate of muscular potential or rate of muscle gain capable. No system can do that. The “best” depends on a lot and the Renex equipment is technique dependent. It takes the original Nautilus ideas and takes them to the current limit. I think that’s pretty great.

      But, to quote Al of Renex over at Dr. McGuff’s board:

      I nor anyone @ Ren-Ex has ever claimed that “we are right and everyone else is wrong”. It would be idiotic to claim that a variety of things don’t “work”. Of course they do. All of this exists along a continuum. Our goal is to progress things toward a greater understanding of what we are doing so that we may in turn improve our instruction and get clients from A to B with a greater degree of certainty. The key to growing this form of training in a more global sense is giving people an experience that turns on their light bulb. It isn’t really up for argument that better equipment and instruction allows a greater percentage of people to “get it”. It allows for a greater degree of repeatability. That is they key.

      There are more than 1 way to skin a cat; if the experience turns on a person’s light bulb, I don’t care how they do it.

  7. Hi I am 24 lady with real passion in this area however I struggle not to work out daily in incorrect fear I will lose tone I have let alone gain any extra but this stress on body affecting me in this regard and poss my lower abs mayb mor e evident if I actually chilled out 

    Anyway my thing is like u saying on jimmy Moore show it is n is 1 therefore I struggle to no what work for me given I only have body weight and resitance bands available to me at this moment in time can little training still work for me? I thinks I trying to do it all with lil bb lil mark sessions lil Robb wolf etc but as result think not working and it’s taking s much of my day up let along being at the frige every night eating coconut and butter to get satiety so sleep but am bloated by this point 

    Please help lady from uk and also do u have somewhere u train in Tucson? Ur ideas is what I will one day be teaching I just need to feel confidence in facing this myself first 

    Keep up great way working mind and body together so so. So key 
    Sent from my iPad

  8. Hi Skyler

    I am a PT from England, UK and have a PT studio (two smallish rooms)

    For the last three years I ve been reading up on everything superslow / McGuff / Drew Baye etc

    Efficient Exercise looks cool in the way you combine these different elements of strength training, and don’t have a too dogmatic approach.

    Although I loved Body by Science, I found I didn’t get great results from one set to failure once per week! I am rather ectomorph, 6ft and currently 180 pounds

    There are a couple of things I wanted to ask. Do you think one set to failure work better for certain body types, perhaps not your ectomorph type?

    Second, equipment! Ahhh. I dream of owning a full Med X line, but started to change my mind when I heard you guys talking about the ARX machine and also Drew Baye emailed me to say he prefers Ren Ex! (I emailed your partner about ARX machine and await a reply – do you export it?)

    In my studio space I currently have:

    1 x leg press / hack squat
    1 x Concept 2 Rowing Machine
    A lot of dumbbels, bars, discs etc
    1 x dual adjustable pulley system (just bought this, hasn’t arrived yet)

    My question about equipment to you is – if could add 3-5 machines which are the key ones you suggest?

    Also, what your take on the Concept 2 rowing machine (is it incongruent etc)

    Thanks for the good work you guys have contributed

    All the best


  9. Hi Skyler,

    Just wanted to say thank you as been using your workout template shared on your blog with great success. 

    Got into running seriously this year during lockdown here in the UK as was no longer able to play soccer. I have two young boys (2 and 4) and work as a nurse so my time is very limited. So was pleased to see you have had success with limited training time.

    My results doing one run and one hit bodyweight training session a week have been really good. I have got my 5km time done from 24 mins to 21 and ran a 4 min 15 seconds mile this week. I also was able to start playing 6 a side soccer (kind of hiit) once a week for a couple of months before getting that 1 mile PB. 

    Unfortunately we have gone into lockdown again here this week so now I am unable to play soccer but it gives me some extra free time. 

    I just wanted to get your views on what would I be better doing on that extra free day. I am on the skinny side but been training hit once a week for around 4 years now and I am 31 so wondering if I have likely hit my genetic potential? Or would adding a second strength workout likely help in terms of hypertrophy? Or is it not really worth the extra effort. Also wary of recovery as when I have trained higher volume and higher frequency in the past I injured my lower back. 

    Sorry for the long post. 

    Kind regards,


    1. Matt,

      First I’d love to hear about how you’ve structured your run workouts!

      Second: if you add a second strength session, you’ll likely see improvement. Just remember that (if you go back to my 7 year itch post) while you may see some scale movement at first, you’ll likely settle into 1-2lbs/.5-1 kg per year lean tissue gain. Only you can determine if that’s worth it to you!

      Stay strong, stay safe, and enjoy those kiddos!

      1. Thanks for the response Skyler.

        I am not a huge fan of intervals just don’t enjoy them as much to be honest. So I basically just do time trials trying to beat my previous time. Currently I am doing one weekly alternating between 5k/10k/long run. Think I have likely hit my limit with my 5km time but still regularly Improving my 10km.

        In terms of strength training I am not sure if it’s worth the additional time I tried it for a couple of weeks and felt more achy and tired which I thought is maybe symptoms overtaining? How much do you think running impacts of recovery?

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