Upcoming Event, Services, and Recommended Websites

  1. I’ll be speaking at the 21 Convention this weekend here in Austin. My presentation is going to be the hashing out of strength training’s effects on the biomarkers of aging. I’ll be updating the biomarkers to include discoveries in molecular biology over the past 20 years and I’ll also be introducing the guys to Michael Rose’s ideas on biological immortality. Tickets can be found here. Don’t worry boys, this time I’ll have powerpoints and jokes.
  2. I recently published a price list of my services. While I’ve fielded questions in the past I’ve found people are apt to listen to advice that they’ve actually payed for! Funny how that works. The list can be found here.
  3. Not a total aside to my services but I’ve turned off comments. I’ve not found, at least on my blog, that comments have stimulated meaningful discussion. I don’t get the traffic that someone like Richard Nikolay gets to balance the dittoheads and people just out to argue on the internet with real discussion. I get way more emails than I do comments and I like it that way. Find my email in the contact tab.
  4. Finally, if you want a website that covers supplements using real scientific data, go ahead and click on over to examine.com.