How much fitness do you need?

How often have you asked yourself this question? To put it another way: are you measuring improvement by external factors (performance), or by internal factors (control, focus, concentration)? To be sure, there are performance improvements to be had especially in the beginning of your training career. And if you want to take on a new … Continue reading How much fitness do you need?


My chat with HITuni on Cardio and Evidence-Based Strength Training

Great time with this talk; if you're looking to understand why someone might want to add some steady-state cardiorespiratory activity to their routine, give this a read!

What is “Evidence-Based Resistance Training”?

Over at the company blog, I wrote a post defining Evidence-Based Resistance Training. This phrase, while useful, implies a flowchart or an immutable set of rules for what the research base has determined to be productive. It isn't and it doesn't. Here's my expansion below. In exercise, you might assume that trainers follow best practices, … Continue reading What is “Evidence-Based Resistance Training”?

How I started, and sustained, a meditative practice

When I was a teenager, I found myself enamored with the Stoics. Back then, there wasn't a lot of useable information on applications of Stoic principles like there is now. Reading  the Enchiridion or Meditations was useful but not directive. These insights required experience I just didn't have yet in life. I wanted to be … Continue reading How I started, and sustained, a meditative practice