All you need to know about Zen, reprised (Art De Vany)

Totally random post but over the years I've come back to this blog from Art De Vany about Zen, decisions, and affect to the response from said decisions as a sort of rudder to my emotions around how highly I think of my ability to control the future, which is to say less so by … Continue reading All you need to know about Zen, reprised (Art De Vany)

J & J Trail Race 25k Wrap Up

It's been a minute; let's talk about a trail race I just did and the low volume I used to perform well. First: the bragging: Finished 3rd in my age group, 8th overall for the men and 10th overall for the field. This means top third and quarter, respectively, on less than an hour a … Continue reading J & J Trail Race 25k Wrap Up

What is “Evidence-Based Resistance Training”?

Over at the company blog, I wrote a post defining Evidence-Based Resistance Training. This phrase, while useful, implies a flowchart or an immutable set of rules for what the research base has determined to be productive. It isn't and it doesn't. Here's my expansion below. In exercise, you might assume that trainers follow best practices, … Continue reading What is “Evidence-Based Resistance Training”?