A Year without Facebook Pt. 2

Since I rifled off that post so quick, I wanted to touch on 2 more things I noticed from being away from Facebook last year There's less of a tendency to think about actions in the context of how I'll talk about them on social media. For example, if I was doing a water fast and I didn't achieve my intended duration … Continue reading A Year without Facebook Pt. 2


What I learned from a year without Facebook

You may have noticed that I've not been around much. That's because I've been very, very busy: 105 sessions and counting As it turns out, you don't need to be on the internet in order to have a successful business. We've hiring our first employee and look forward to sustained growth. What do I attribute … Continue reading What I learned from a year without Facebook

What is “Evidence-Based Resistance Training”?

Over at the company blog, I wrote a post defining Evidence-Based Resistance Training. This phrase, while useful, implies a flowchart or an immutable set of rules for what the research base has determined to be productive. It isn't and it doesn't. Here's my expansion below. In exercise, you might assume that trainers follow best practices, … Continue reading What is “Evidence-Based Resistance Training”?