What I learned from a year of not eating Chocolate.

"You take a hit of cocaine and it makes you a new man, but the first thing the new man wants is a hit of cocaine." - Stephen King One of my soft resolutions for 2017 was to not eat chocolate. Not because of the child slavery, or the fact that it's not actually a … Continue reading What I learned from a year of not eating Chocolate.

Reader Success: Earl

Earl sent me an email this past weekend and is allowing me to share his success with you. I wrote about it on the business blog, but thought more of you might catch it over here. Big Success from Minimalist Routine At Smart Strength, we’re all about finding the minimum effective dose. Asking if the … Continue reading Reader Success: Earl

How I started, and sustained, a meditative practice

When I was a teenager, I found myself enamored with the Stoics. Back then, there wasn't a lot of useable information on applications of Stoic principles like there is now. Reading  the Enchiridion or Meditations was useful but not directive. These insights required experience I just didn't have yet in life. I wanted to be … Continue reading How I started, and sustained, a meditative practice

PSMF tips

Happy New Year! I'm currently going through a 5 day PSMF largely for prospective metabolic modifications that creates a favorable "anti-cancer" environment (BIG air quotes around anti-cancer). I suspect the PSMF combined with time-restricted feeding results in the same changes in white blood cell count, insulin, and IGF-1 as a fasting-gimmicking diet that is (somewhat) … Continue reading PSMF tips

Additional Answers for 6th(!) Corporate Warrior Appearance

Hey y'all, Lawrence asked me to follow up with questions that we didn't have time for from readers regarding the growth of my business and any strategies & tactics I have that might help those with training businesses or just for those who are interested in bettering their own workouts.   GTD - Email management … Continue reading Additional Answers for 6th(!) Corporate Warrior Appearance

Those “Stupid” business books were right

We're coming up on 1 year of Smart Strength and I've been amazed, humbled, enlightened, and challenged in ways that I never would have guessed. I understand why white collar types gravitate toward endurance sports: building a business is basically an adventure race with a cartographer operating from a map that only somewhat explains the … Continue reading Those “Stupid” business books were right