A Year without Facebook Pt. 2

Since I rifled off that post so quick, I wanted to touch on 2 more things I noticed from being away from Facebook last year

  1. There’s less of a tendency to think about actions in the context of how I’ll talk about them on social media. For example, if I was doing a water fast and I didn’t achieve my intended duration goal, I would have been been thinking about how I would explain this to people on the internet. This still happens, but I’m aware of the dialogue and can correct it.
  2. The value of surrogation. By stepping away from social media and then coming back, I’ve come to appreciate how little the people doing things have in common with my life circumstances. For example, it’s usually single white dudes in their 20s doing biohacking things that “aren’t hard.” I remember that much free time and lack of interest outside of myself! I find myself asking more questions about how people with circumstances similar to my own achieved a specific outcome, rather than what is the “best” or “optimal” way to achieve the outcome.

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