New: Corporate Warrior Membership

Y’all I have news: Corporate Warrior is launching a membership site.

Why should you care? Well if you’re like me you intentionally cultivate a net around your online activity to filter out noise so that you can focus on information that’s actionable and proven to help improve your workout or your training business.

It would be a whole lot easier if you could find the highest quality information in one place. This is what the Corporate Warrior Membership delivers.

The service will provide:
  • Exclusive high quality content
  • High-level community to help guide each other to achieve results in training and business
  • Monthly training calls
  • 1-on-1 coaching from Lawrence with an eye toward fast-tracking beginners
  • Exclusive discounts on HIT products and services including courses, exercise equipment, workout gear, events and more

Interested? Of course your are! Sign up for his waiting list to be alerted as soon as the system is ready!

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