The 60 Second Chinup

I’ve posted about Doug twice now, but he’s since added another vid of a 60 second chinup performance with additional weight.

Give that a try next time you’re in the gym!

I’ll be back to regular posting next week; moving into a new house is quite an ordeal!

7 thoughts on “The 60 Second Chinup

  1. Looks pretty savage.

    Is there any merit to the idea that if you always train super slow, you won’t be maximizing your neurological potential to exert maximal power? If I always do super slow lower body movements, will I not be able to jump as high as if I did slow eccentrics and quick concentrics?

    Pure curiosity here. Thanks Skyler.

    1. Bryce,

      There is something to that, we are talking about SAID (specific adaptation to imposed demand). However, from experience I’ve that typical slow training (5 to 10 seconds up/down) in the typically prescribed manner (no more than 2x/week) in addition to your sport of choice doesn’t make a difference. You’ll be practicing at game speed for hours and hours vs. an hour in the gym/week.

      That said, you’d get slower doing just this…since you’d be only doing the slow training. Depends on the goals of course.


  2. Gotcha,

    So if I’m not doing any sport specific training, but I want to develop some explosiveness on top of my strength base, then SS/HIT would need to be supplemented with some kind of low volume power training (anything from box jumps, to sprints). Is that about right? I suppose dedicating an 8-12 week mesocycle to the skill side of power training once in a while could also work.

    Though I don’t do SS/HIT, the way I train is similar in concept (brief, intense, single set, every 7-10 days), and I am considering taking a break, once my gains plateau significantly, and dedicating some time to moderately frequent, low volume, explosiveness training.

    I appreciate the response Skyler. Any further advice would of course be much appreciated.


    1. Bryce,

      Depends on how you’re mesocycling. SS/HIT are held together in discussion, but the reality is that HIT is the “Context” umbrella in which slow training would be one of many “contents.”

      In that regard, since my focus is leaping power, I tend to use SS more for my upper body and usually for accessory movements. And since I follow a 5/3/1 template, I don’t use it for more than 1 month in a row. For instance, I might use slow chinups or pullovers AFTER I perform my heavy set of weighted chins. I’ll focus on the weak area of the movement and really squeeze the muscle that feels weak ala bodybuilding focus. This is one application but since you’re unfamiliar I’d suggest performing it with a couple accessory movements and see how it feels. I look forward to hearing back about it.


  3. I may attempt this eventually, but right now I’m still seeing where my rest-pause experiment takes me. In essence, I do heavy singles on a timer till failure, and I’m only doing it with three key lifts. I was only planning on doing this for a few weeks, but I’ve been making consistent gains since May, so I’m going to see where it takes me.

    I kind of explain it here. I don’t know if it’s the best way to workout, but I have been getting stronger, and it’s allowed my to train any given movement only about 3 times per month and still progress.


  4. Skyler,
    That was wild! I consider myself a gym rat and have never tried a 1 minute chinup, let alone with additional weight. I found you through David Turnbull’s Adventures of a Barefoot Geek. I like the fitness niche and will definitely visit again. Good luck with the move.


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