Efficient Exercise: The Super-Dynamic Hip Bridge

Certainly the ass lover Bret Contreras would approve. At least I hope, as New Zealand can do all sorts of things to a person.

Keith Norris and I were working out (by that I mean talking about milk, beer, and what we’re going to present during the Ancestral Health Symposium) and I wanted to torch my hamstrings with a chaotic application to a hip bridge curl. This is the result.

Next time I do it, I’ll slow down a bit. However, I had a hard time walking correctly after doing this, so I achieved my goal.

7 thoughts on “Efficient Exercise: The Super-Dynamic Hip Bridge

  1. Hey, Skyler. I like it. Say, are your feet connected to anything special there? I have a set of rings and a bench and would like to try this. Thanks

    1. Johnny,

      My feet are slung in blast straps that have ab slings attached to them. One could makeshift this with hardware store velcro straps and auto ties.

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