My Achin’ Wrist

So on June 3rd my dogs decided it was a good idea to try and kill one another. In the process of showing them how this is a bad idea, I caught a Beagle canine right in the back of my hand (the middle, proximal metacarpals if we’re specific). After 2 weeks of triple antibiotics, my hand returned to its normal size. Fast forward to July 4th: I workout and include wrist supination/pronation exercises in addition to my (somewhat regular) wrist extension exercises. I wake up sometime in the middle of the night unable to sleep because my wrist hurts like mad. I’ve had my share of soft tissue injuries from basketball but this was really gnarly. One week later I still have a nice fat lump near the point of the injury:

Digit extension is still tender but improving. The ol’ rest/ice/compression/elevation had been helping, though I’d really like to get my hands (haha!) on an ultrasound device to speed up recovery. Seems (seems) to be a course of treatment like any other tendonitis. Onward.


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