Efficient Exercise Workshop: Leveraging Technology For Ancestral Wellness

So I’m sure you’re aware of the PaleoFX seminar that’s coming down next week here in Austin. If you’re unable to make it to that life-changing event, you might find yourself in a state of disarray, prompting a number of thoughts including:

  1. “What in my life is worth attending if not for PaleoFX?”
  2. “How did my life spiral out of control to the extent that I cannot attend the PaleoFX?”

Well friend I have good news! Keith Norris and I will be presenting a post-PaleoFX workshop: Leveraging Technology for Ancestral Wellness. Here we will wax poetic about tools, techniques, and technology that allows maximum wellness with no time wasted. The workshop will be Saturday, March 17th, from 3 to 6 PM at Efficient Exercise’s Rosedale location.  $95 will get you a front row seat to an event that will have your mind and body spinning for days with new ideas that you can implement right nowinto your own lifestyle to achieve new levels of health and vitality.

If you want to avoid more feelings of guilt, sign up today for this amazing workshop!

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