A Vacation And Glycemic Gabbing.

So later today I’m heading out of the country for the first time ever in my short life. I’ll be visiting the oft-mentioned girlfriend in Ecuador, where she has been teaching English as a volunteer with WorldTeach. I’ll come back with pictures and video but before I go I saw this study regarding the validity of the glycemic rating of food…rather, differentiating blood glucose and insulin response. This study tells the tale:

CONCLUSION: The lower GI of BC (bran Cereal) than of CF (corn flakes) was not due to a lower rate of appearance of glucose but instead to an earlier postprandial hyperinsulinemia and an earlier increase in the rate of disappearance of glucose, which attenuated the increase in the plasma glucose concentration.

In other words, the low GI bran flakes showed a HIGHER insulin response shortly after ingestion. This cleared the blood glucose faster. Again, higher initial insulin response = lower blood glucose response. This confuses a lot of people leading to some pretty wacky ideas.

Now I leave to live like a king for a week. Cheers!

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