Sausage Salad

The Spread
The Spread

A quick, if unusual, update for me. Tonight’s dinner is somewhat of a staple in my house, namely a turkey sausage salad with homemade apple vinegarette. Both of these recipes are from John Berardi’s book Gourmet Nutrition and incredibly easy to make: sausage, english walnuts, fuji apple slices, spinach…omitted the quinoa because I don’t like the stuff. Wine should have been white, but all I had was a (quite tasty) 2007 Tilia Malbec. Another shot:


One thought on “Sausage Salad

  1. Just to add my two cents (I’m the other person in the house eating this,) I am a former non-believer that a salad is a meal. The very thought someone would eat vegetables thrown together and call it a meal was simply ridiculous because obviously you would be hungry 5 minutes later.

    However, in an effort to lose fat and look better, something most people enjoy, I simply changed my lunch from being a turkey or hummus sandwich with veggies on it plus chips to a salad and almonds.

    I took out everything that was in the sandwich, ditched the bread, added an extra handful of spinach, half an avocado and some cheese, and drizzled everything with olive oil and vinegar. Also, instead of chips- I grab a few almonds or crackers with no corn syrup in them.

    The result:
    1. I actually do get full.
    2. In a matter of 3 weeks I was down the 10 pounds I wanted off.
    3. I still had just as much energy (and I teach middle school… so I need it!)
    4. That 10 pounds has turned to 15 and been that way for over 6 months now.

    All in all, anyone who is thinking, “There is no way that that meal would make me full or be satisfying.” You are wrong.

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