Body by Science: A Workout From A Seasoned Veteran

I know  a few of my readers have recently been exposed to the work of Dr. Doug McGuff, specifically of the Body By Science fame. I’ve known Doug for about 4 years and known of him for about 8; he’s incredibly intelligent and dedicated to improving the health and fitness of his clientel and beyond. He’s to be commended. Prior to BBS, many of us knew of Doug through his “Ultimate Exercise Bulletin 1,” especially if you were from the early days of Superslow/HIT. We were (and still are) a certain type of crazy, as I’ve demonstrated.

The man in the video I’m going to post is named Doug Holland. Doug owns a training facility in Shriveport, Louisiana called “Intelligent Exercise” and he’s quite a role model for me. Doug is a champion powerlifter, successful business man and crazy in the best way possible. Not only does he put his money where his mouth is, namely train hard and brief, but he’s given me great practical advice for my own facility. Here’s a video of him getting a kill BBS-style workout in under 10 minutes.

5 thoughts on “Body by Science: A Workout From A Seasoned Veteran

  1. Doug is still the man…super strong. I can remember my certification with him over a decade ago…couldn’t decide whether to hit him or thank him. A couple of cold ones after the workouts helped ease the tension 😉 I truly appreciate Doug for showing me the ropes in the world of HIT.

    1. Not totally as an aside but Doug is SUPER strong. I have a vid somewhere of him pulling 500+lbs at 140ish.

      It’s also for the guys like Methuselah who are just embarking on this; he’s the extreme end of the spectrum!

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