A Workout Tribute To Doug Holland

I’ve spoken of Doug before and if you haven’t watched the video that I have posted before take a look at Doug deadlifting:

Now Doug has given me great advice over the years and what better excuse to drink a beer after a 17 hours fast and workout than a tribute workout! Here was yesterday’s workout, took all of 7 minutes:

Some might decry the workout for  a bit of sloppy form on the deads (agreed) and maybe that my negatives weren’t as slow as they could have been (agreed) but the point of the workout was maximum intensiveness so as to earn the beer. That means gnarly deadlifts and hardcore negatives. Next week, like Doug, I return back to my controlled, slow, deadpan, broken-jawed breathing HIT. This, however, was a gut wrenching intensity…and a ton of fun!

3 thoughts on “A Workout Tribute To Doug Holland

  1. Nice Job Skyler! I think you earned the beer. I love to drink chocolate milk after my workout, but I also make sure I earn it (my son and I joke that the only reason we do this stuff (train) is so we can have chocolate milk).

    I’ve described Doug’s training as a combo of HIT, Super Slow and powerlifting. I asked him if that was correct and he agreed. I love this form of training! I enjoy BBS style training as well but could never do it exclusively. When I’ve tried, I always return back to squating and deadlifting eventually. Now I do a combo-heavily influenced by The Sickness.

    Anyway, Doug Holland is an inspiration and could definitely market his training style if he wanted to. If he doesn’t, I might (although I’d have to call it “geek traininig” or something like that because I don’t carry a lot of muscle and certainly don’t look like a body builder (thank goodness) or a powerlifter). I actually find this training style fun and very rewarding.

  2. I’ve been doing once every frou week deadlift workouts for a long time now. I’ve recently gone back to doing squats once a month also. I never take either to complete failure anymore and always attempt to estimate my ‘second to failure’ rep and stop at that point. I also keep the concept in mind that part of performing these exercises is that I am also performing an element of skill training. I have always perceived to be very valuable the ability to pick up heavy things from positions you might attempt to replicate in other parts of your life should the need to lift something heavy arise.

    Still need to have the post deadlift beer though!! Might have to do my own Doug Holland tribute as my next workout is my deadlifts.

  3. I’ve known Doug H. off and on since 1978.Go to see he’s still kicking it bigtime.I hear tales about him all the time.The latest features him driving down Kings Hwy Shreveport at 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, wearing goggles in a VW Thing.No shirt.
    He was a beast in the dorm at LA. Tech.

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