55″ Box Jump – A Video

I’ve been working on my vertical leap more and more, training toward a 40″ vertical leap goal. We’re inching, literally, along and here’s an example of improvement (the still shows the vid sideways, but it plays normal. Strange, I know):

If this doesn’t get me onto Conditioning Research, I don’t know what will!

14 thoughts on “55″ Box Jump – A Video

    1. Adrian,

      Thanks for checking out my blog; I grew up playing basketball and part of my goals are for further leap improvement. I jump higher now than I did in high school,but only because I’m much stronger; it I was as reactive my true vert would be over 40″ as opposed to nearly 36 with a couple steps.

  1. doesnt it piss you off that you have to work so hard for this, but black people can just do it naturally?

    1. Lauren (or Paul),

      Dig around on youtube and you’ll find people jumping onto 60″ boxes…kangaroos are out there!

  2. Nice jump, Skyler. It would be interesting to figure your instantaneous power output, here. Delta in center of gravity/time, and compare that to say a snatch,or clean.

    1. I found a quick equation for trek accent power calculation:

      It might not be perfect, but the parameters seem like they might work:
      Elevation change (in feet): 4.58
      Weight in Kilos: 85.5
      Total Duration (based on my video estimated at 1/3 of a second, or .006 minutes): .006

      It gives me:
      Power (Horsepower):4.3598769731903495

      Not sure if that’s what you were looking for here, but I like the idea that a yugo still has more umph than I do, ha.

    1. Mike,
      I typically work out barefoot or in vibrams and I quite like them. I greatly prefer them to regular shoes when sprinting, but I prefer barefoot when squatting or deadlifting.

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