“Suddenly We Were Aspiring Gymnasts.”

Craig's comment from a couple posts ago got me thinking. First the comment: Interesting to see your followup comments about body weight exercise and injury. After reading the previous post, I looked at the GMB site and saw a lot of gymnastic looking stuff. My first thought was how rough some of those things can … Continue reading “Suddenly We Were Aspiring Gymnasts.”


It’s about the lifestyle, stupid.

Typical dietary dogmatist, hunkered down in their foxholes waiting to rush the next front. BLAM! RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN! ... That must get tiring, right? Playing "mythbuster," building straw men to knock down, wearing your "I know nothing more than you" like a suit of armor. I get it; I've been there. Really, this stuff isn't that hard. … Continue reading It’s about the lifestyle, stupid.

How’s My Training (etc.) Been?

Just received this comment from Scott M: Hey Skyler, How’s it going? Wondering what your training frequency is like these days – still once every 5? Are you still doing mostly SS HIT with some old school weights thrown in? Still doing chaos training? How about diet – still paleo with carb cycling on workout … Continue reading How’s My Training (etc.) Been?

HIT + Movement Training: The Ultimate Health Protocol?

Nothing like a hyperbolic title to get a person's attention! That said, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Though in my early 30's, I think a great deal about the notion of sustainable training. That is, what are modalities that a person can take up in their life to improve their health that … Continue reading HIT + Movement Training: The Ultimate Health Protocol?

Getting “Stronger” With Aging – How Do We Score?

This is an expanded version of an answer I wanted to give over at Doug's website to the question of how do you judge improvement in functional ability with aging. Specifically, Ed is almost 69 but feeling really solid about his strength. The exchange: “Another Point: Folks, don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re “stronger” after … Continue reading Getting “Stronger” With Aging – How Do We Score?