“Suddenly We Were Aspiring Gymnasts.”

Craig's comment from a couple posts ago got me thinking. First the comment: Interesting to see your followup comments about body weight exercise and injury. After reading the previous post, I looked at the GMB site and saw a lot of gymnastic looking stuff. My first thought was how rough some of those things can … Continue reading “Suddenly We Were Aspiring Gymnasts.”

A Little Bad News/Good News

Remember how in my talk "Resistance Training, Brain Structure, and Brain Function," I talked about how much of the evidence I was presenting was from my graduate research? I had submitted that paper for publication and was waiting to hear back. Bad news: My paper was rejected! Good news: It was rejected because not long … Continue reading A Little Bad News/Good News

Getting “Stronger” With Aging – How Do We Score?

This is an expanded version of an answer I wanted to give over at Doug's website to the question of how do you judge improvement in functional ability with aging. Specifically, Ed is almost 69 but feeling really solid about his strength. The exchange: “Another Point: Folks, don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re “stronger” after … Continue reading Getting “Stronger” With Aging – How Do We Score?