The Long February

I’m still alive, fret not. I’ve been very busy with both work and school over the past month. I’m still here and have a couple upcoming posts including:

  • Lessons from “The Blue Zones.” I think there’s some good information here, especially for those who wish to impart a black and white view into diet and exercise.
  • I’m reading “The 10,000 Year Explosion,” which has been quite surprising thus far. Not because of anything diet related but because of both how funny it is and because of how many things have developed since agriculture began. It’s a nice scapegoat, and we’re in a great position to emulate the best aspects of the pre-agricultural era to augment and improve our health. However, let’s not damn everything that’s developed in the last 10,000 years; it’s the reason we’re here today.
  • A discussion of an n=1 experiment I’m looking into undertaking, possibly reporting the results for a talk at the Ancestral Health Symposium.

You can still find me in the blogosphere but grades, work, and rest take priority!

6 thoughts on “The Long February

    1. OPT,

      There is no exact date as of yet; keep track of the website I linked for information as it develops.

  1. hi there

    you prompted me to order the Blue Zones book and it is interesting. I think we forget that there are always multiple factors at play with health. It isn’t just diet or exercise or attitude or family or sunshine or wine or sleep or XXXX it is often some combination of all of them.

    Thanks for pointing me to it.

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