How Do We “Improve” Blood Donations?

I’ve not had much of a writing mojo lately, as my keen readers might note. However, I’ve been busy with work, school, and graduate school application preparation. In the meantime, I’ve been reading a large variety of books, all of which will be reviewed at some point. One that has already been reviewed to death is the “4 Hour Body.” One of the concepts that Tim Ferriss references is life extension by way of blood donation.

Prior to being notified of the possible benefits of enhanced longevity offered by blood donation, I had not put much thought into the process other than saving a couple (or more) lives. In further researching the benefits (possible cancer/all-cause death reduction), the effect seems to be the reduction of blood ferritin. Tim Ferriss mentions in the 4-hour body that caffeine before a double portion of plasma donation could possibly reduce toxins in the system by encouraging their release from adipose tissue prior to donation.

We always have some level of junk in the blood, so to speak. From the book:

“Donated blood will always have such toxins, so you are not being a bad citizen by temporarily increasing their excretion.”

As far as ferritin, the Eades suggest aiming for 50 mg/dl blood ferritin level for maximum protection. It has also been suggested to me that, in addition to taking caffeine prior to a donation, one might also take DMSA to further release metals from your body for extraction.

So team, does anyone out there have any idea about further “improving” blood donations for the sake of health and longevity? Let’s brainstorm this and see if we can’t find some things out.


7 thoughts on “How Do We “Improve” Blood Donations?

  1. I need to get back on the donation bandwagon, having once been an every 58-day commando for many years. Something in my gut tells me that, yes, it’s good to purge the sludge every so often. And since I pretty much keep a steady caffeine drip going during my waking hours, the toxin release timing ought not be a difficult thing to hit 🙂

  2. I donate blood now. It saved my life. Give the gift of life! Please, donate blood. It may be
    your life that needs saved. You can visit the Red Cross for sign up locations and times!

  3. Thanks Skyler, this post is important and people need to be aware of the benefits that giving blood can come with also for the giver. I haven’t seen any blood giving stations around lately but I am sure they will set them up soon enough. Thanks for the post and for spreading the message of giving life by giving blood! Lisa

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