Locomotive Breath

First, give a listen:

Now, this doesn’t have to do with rock or flutes or being a ham for the camera. Rather this is about a device I recently picked up: the Expand-a-Lung.

What this (rather simple) device allows me to do is increase the resistance against which I breath. Over time I increase the resistance and thus increase the power of my lungs (or the LOCOMOTION OF MY BREATH! HA! DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?!)

If you dig around on google scholar you can find all sorts of studies showing increases in performance for endurance athletes. But I’m not an endurance athlete (though I have considered attempting to be the biggest guy at a stair climb races. Similar to where crazies race up the Sears [Willis] tower in as fast as 13:26) so why would I want to increase the strength of my respiratory muscles? Why to blow up a hot water bottle, of course:

If I was still single, that would get me all the chicks at 2am on 6th street in Austin, but since I’m married it nets me eye rolls from my wife with the best punctuating line: “You have strange life goals.”

I only have one life, so why the hell not?

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