Client Results: Michelle

Well after a first mishap we will try again.

As a trainer, the most difficult aspect of our job (especially in when you’re a fit little spot in a big fat state) is letting people know that when you are looking to lose weight, it’s all about calories. When a client comes to you already tracking their calories, it might as well be shooting fish in a barrel.

This is Michelle. She’s in her 40’s with 3 kids. Understanding that I am not taking credit for her busting her ass; rather I’m showing you what smart programming does with intelligent dietary direction. What I take credit for was making sure she didn’t overtrain as calories got lower and lower, covered the salient points of carb cycling near contest, and maintained an appropriate level of intensity at such low calories. I’d say she did really well:

She finished 8th out of 20 competitors in her first ever show. The nifty bit about getting this lean is that, with way less effort, it’s easier to stay very year-round lean. Compared to contest prep, beach-lean is a piece of cake…not that you’d be eating cake. Great job Michelle!

7 thoughts on “Client Results: Michelle

    1. Nothing special from the protocols, just high intensity-based routines targeting different body parts each workout (still total body). Diet never went below 1000kcal on any given day and workout days increased cals & carbs. It was that, starting far enough out from the competition and letting the process run its course.

  1. Dear Stupid Ass Tyler:

    She looks like s h i t. She is cheesey as hell. A pathetic artificial tan and artifical boobs. She is also too skinny. She probably does not have periods anymore either……..

    Furthermore ,she is a natural ectomorph. Many women could not get that look, nor should they want to.

    Exercise is strongly associated with weight GAIN in WOMEN.

    You “fitness professionals are all stupid asses.


    1. Oh Jane I don’t even know where to start but I’ll try to weave my way through this drivel.

      1. She was competing in a fitness competition, hence “finished 8th out of 20 in her competition.”

      2. What “other” women want to look like has no bearing on what Michelle wanted to look like (for a weekend. To compete.)

      3. Exercise performed in most studies in of an insufficient intensity to enhance lean tissue, thus increasing metabolism. Most exercise studies don’t control for caloric intake so their outcomes of skewed to the point of worthless.

      4. My site is packed with advertisements except that it doesn’t have any at all.

      Jane, your life is your own. It’s your choice to be as fat or as thin as you want to be. This client decided to be lean. Take your uninformed, uneducated nonsense elsewhere.

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