PaleoFX 2012 Presentation

So in case you’ve been living under a rock, the largest, most-practical paleo event ever put together, with the greatest minds (and most importantly, characters) of the ancestral health community assembled in one location is coming next month: PaleoFX 2012!

Only if you're this guy do you get a pass for not knowing about PFX12

I’ll be involved in just about everything during the event: you’re going to hear my thoughts on longevity on the “Ancestral Wellness through the Decades” mastermind (our title for panel discussions), listen to me grill Erwan Le Corre on what machine did him wrong as a child as the moderator of the “Exercise vs. Activity” mastermind, and I’ll be roaming with a camera crew for off-the-cuff interviews of presenters and attendees alike throughout the event!

Also come check out my practical hands-on presentation: “Maximizing Paleo Fitness: Leveraging Technology For Total Metabolic Conditioning.” As I’ve mentioned about a gazillion times, doing “paleo” is not about mimicry but rather it’s about using our evolutionary past as a template to ask questions. Those questions allow for scientific experimentation to create better answers; it shouldn’t make you afraid of peppers. That said, at Efficient Exercise we use a lot of cutting-edge technology to quickly get at the intensity of effort demanded on an intermittent basis of our ancestors. This expressions your genetic potential for lean, athletic, disease-resistant health. I’ll be presenting some of this unique technology and taking the brave through a few rounds of EE-style beatdown. Here’s a preview of on of our special devices:

It looks like an abduction but its so much more.

This wonderful device gets enough glute activation to make the Glute guy salivate. If you’re brave enough, you’ll feel your glutes long after you’ve returned home!

Wait, you’ve not signed up to come to PaleoFX? Really?! Get your tickets now!

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