Languid Rest

Sometimes you have to break all of your rules. Enjoy just this fleeting instant, without an attempt to influence the path of your life going forward. Drink the wine, eat the gelato, sleep too much, be thrown by the waves and accept how powerless you are in their domain.

And once you’ve done that, you can better define who you are, without the need to explain why you came to that conclusion. You tasted the suchness of your interior life on your terms and now you can bring that back to the exterior life you live daily, letting it better point your compass in the direction only you were meant to go.

3 thoughts on “Languid Rest

  1. Hi skyler! I am 23 years old from Britain and have been delving into HIT for a few years now .reading all the Mike Mentzer, Arthur jones works etc and am an avid reader of BBS forum and I also love reading the comments from people on there, which are very interesting to say the least. Only recently have I come accross your blog through BBS and have noiticed that your understanding of muscle growth is very good , in my opinion, and a lot of what you say seems to make a lot of sense. I was wondering if you could help me with these thoughts I have been having on Doug mcGuffs comments , that he lately he has actually been experiencing superior recovery ability, despite the use of intensity extenders,which I thought were extremely taxing on your recovery ability, according to Mc Guff the taxation of your reserves is disproprtionate to the work done after you pass positive failure, or worded to that effect. He only recently mentioned this concept proir to this amazing spurt of recovery he has been undergoing. I know that he has taken supplements, hydrated more and got better sleep, but surely this wouldnt allow him to do the extended sets aswell and STILL increase the frquency off his training programme by a few days. My deepest thoughts on this were that Doug McGuff has actually honed his skills in performing the exercises so well that he can maintain exceptional form even after passing positive failure, therfore he is not experiencing the ‘outroad’ that most people would experience while undergoing the intenisty of the set extenders/ – such as muscle spasms, lack of concentration due to lacate build up, holding your braeath and bracing other musculatures that were not previously involved. etc. all contributr to ecessive energy expenditure and thus ,digging a deeper hole’, as it were.actually What do you think about Dougs increase in recovery despite all this?? I know it seems like im trying to show off but i dont even know if i’m right, just quite excited about the ideas that you come up with. i would really appreciate your insights,
    best regards Bradley warlow

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