Protecting Your Mind Space

Part of the reason I turned off comments on this blog is to reduce spam, but most of the reason is to insulate my mind space from distracting information. Brad Pilon summed this up in a recent facebook post beautifully.

Guys and girls as a reminder: It would be greatly appreciated if you would not post links to other people’s blog posts, articles, youtube videos etc on my facebook page. I do my best to not read or view that stuff, and I do it on purpose.

I appreciate and am humbled that you’d like my input or thoughts, but many of these writings are things I’m trying to protect my mind-space from, and I suggest you do the same.

To some extent we all learn and absorb passively, and some of this stuff I simply do not want in my head.

I promise when I find things worthy of writing about I will do my best to get that information to you, but please let me do my best to prioritize that information.

Again, I really appreciate that you value my opinion, but I simply do not have any interest in he said / she said type discussions.

I also see little value in “connecting” as defined by the Internet definition. It waters down relationships, removes context, and (for me anyway) creates the dopamine-fueled hunting drive that can never be satisfied by another click of the mouse on another hyperlink to another rewording of another blog post about another opinion regarding the next magic bullet. I really try and make sure that if I’m posting something that’s not Folly, it comes with references filled with mechanisms and decent science. I’ve got textbooks full of the stuff, believe me.

This is my brand of training and diet advice; if you find use from it, great! If you don’t, good luck on your path! If you want to link me to what someone else says that disagrees me, well I’ve turned off comments for this very reason.

One thought on “Protecting Your Mind Space

  1. Great point about the sopamine fuelled hunt for more information. We don’t need more information. We need to act on the information that we have, for a considerable period of time, then judge whether or not it’s working, and only then go hunting for other information.

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