The Path Of Least Resistance

Just a quicky, heck it was a blog comment I made, but I think it sums up a thought about how we tend to want to go about things in diet and exercise:

In every other avenue of life we choose the path of least resistance to reach our goal…the path that will get us where we need to go without too many bumps. But when it comes to diet and exercise, for some reason we choose the most difficult, arduous, painful path and beat ourselves up when we don’t follow through on a nearly impossible plan. Pick the low-hanging fruit until it stops working. Pick the next lowest fruit and so on.

The tricky part is identifying *your* unique low-hanging fruit, but that should still be your goal. Instead of counting your carbs, how about trying to add 1 or 2 more servings of vegetables each day? Instead of blowing up your training routine with conjugated mumbo-jumbo from some meathead, why not try to add 1 more pound to the bar than you used last week? Low. Hanging. Fruit.

Eventually, all that fruit ends up being a bounty if you keep at it long enough.