Sol Orwell is a persistent motherf*cker

And I mean that in the best way possible.

Almost one year ago, Sol sent me an email out of the blue:

Just wanted to say a big fan of your site – way too much garbage out there about fitness. I actually found you over two years ago when researching intermittent fasting. It was a big factor in me adopting it (and years later I still love it).

We’ve been working on the good fight too, publishing research on supplements and nutrition questions over at The page we are most proud of: (check out the Human Clinical Trials).

I checked it out, didn’t think too much of it (because I had researched a ton about creatine) and filed it away in the “This is cool and will likely help others” file folder in my brain.

Which means I forgot about it.

But Sol doesn’t give up. I suspect that if you’ve even done the tech startup thing to eventually get hounded by VC’s, you’ve gotten used to having the door shut in your face. Eventually you stop caring and keep refining your message.  Sol has done that and then some, all the while continuing to message me along the way.

Sol, here’s the blog post I promised.

They really have solved 90% of supplement confusion. Anytime a client of mine has a question regarding supplements, I do one of two things:

  1. Tell them the answer if I know it.
  2. Look it up on
  3. There is no 3; I did say “one of two things” no didn’t I?

Go to, search for a supplement, and prepare to be amazed.

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