The ARXfit Endurance Experiment

Goal: Run this race in November: Muleshoe Bend 50k

Why?: Because I’m not the biggest, or strongest around (but I have some much bone), so I may as well be best at suffering!

How?: Taking a mixture of all sorts of training ideas from people who believe in quality over quantity. People like Eric Orton,Aaron Olson, Andrew Magness, and yes even Brian Mackenzie.

ARX will play an important load in allowing me to keep mileage low but maintain high eccentric loading. Also, I suspect I’ll gain some muscle during this process (how cool is that?).


After the Cap 10k, I’ll be dialing in the specifics of the program, but recently my schedule has looked as follows (and will resemble my training for the 50k):

Globally here’s the overview:

Mondays: Rock climbing, if anything. Also at least 45 minutes of mobility work during one of our EE meetings.

Wednesday: 400m repeats with a 1:30 rest. Once I get below 1:10 (remember, this is running gait, not sprinting gait [middle image]), I’ll reduce the rest interval by 5 seconds. VO2max focused. I’ll also bring in some heat therapy on this day as well for those adaptations. This is all from Andrew Magness and his ideas.

As speed starts to level out, expect 200m’s to be feathered in with less rest.

Thursday: ARX workout. Basically Big 5 for my purpose (RDL *or* belt squat, pulldown, chest press, calf raise, leg press), plus including some specific abdominal wall work (blast strap plank and anti-twist “palof press” mostly). However Mike is going to torture me as we go through this process and ramp up volume.

Saturday: “Long” run. Currently Sarah and I are currently training for the Cap 10k, so I’m pushing a double BOB for distance. When that’s done, I’ll start piecing out a blend of longer runs and tempo repeats on this day, taking advantage of my dead ass legs at peak DOMS (I’ll explain why in another post why this is the path). These times and distances will be drawn from the “Low Milage Running” program for half marathon distance. I’ll also follow the workout immediately with sauna to exploit those adaptations. I follow this with Eric Orton’s foot drills on a wobble board.

Daily: foam rolling, movement (GMB Movement Vitamin), and not being sedentary.

ALSO I’m doing the 100-up drill regularly (~5 days/week) on a 1×8 board. Like is demo’d here:…/the-lost-secret-of-running.html

I expect to gain muscle since I’ve never, EVER, spent a concentrated amount of time on the ARX. Now is the time.