Odds & Ends

First, had the chance to speak at the Prevention R3 conference here in Austin a couple weeks back. The topic was “Uncomplicated Resistance Training for Brain Health,” where I laid out some of the research on resistance training & cognitive function, while also stressing to the women in attendance the idea of “principles, not programs.” Jenna grabbed some good photos:


Next, I posted the following on Twitter:

For comparison, you can view my numbers from 5 years ago. Again, with my Trigs being at the very bottom of the reference range my LDL, though less than before, is artificially high. A closer estimation, using the Iranian Equation, puts my LDL closer to 76 mg/dl. I will certainly die someday, but it probably won’t be from heart disease. As such, every year I make a resolution that roughly amounts to “More cholesterol, More MSG” because eggs are delicious and they’re not going to kill you by themselves.

Again, there’s no magic to how to get there dietarily. You just abide.


5 thoughts on “Odds & Ends

    1. No I’m actually trying to eat more MSG-rich foods and also adding MSG to some homemade sauces and spice rubs.

  1. Ever have an LDL-p measurement done? Some folks with stellar cholesterol profiles get a surprise with this test. I’ve had several tests now and the numbers vary a lot, much more than LDL. Not sure what to make if it, or how much to worry about a high number.

    1. I haven’t. I’ve wanted to get a VAP done, but figure that I have better uses for $75, especially given the HDL/TRIG ratio & family history (no heart disease to speak of).

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