On Counting

There were one or two comments and emails to “On Not Counting” that posed the actual inverse: when do I think counting matters?

  • Macro-level guidepost counting, like a strength test that isn’t practiced tested every 6 to 12 weeks (hand gripper, 40 yard dash, leg dynamometer, or 5x squat test come to mind)
  • Scale weight as a trend to help you keep better habits.
  • Sleep hours as a trend to make better bedtime decisions.
  • Screen time as a means of ensuring you’re not scrambling to do things you’d much rather be doing because you’ve been stuck in the ludic loop.
  • Steps as a check against chronic inactivity over time.
  • Fasting hours as a means of reminding yourself that you can go hungry, not as some binary “fasting/feeding” delineation.

Got anymore? Add them in the comments!

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