Interval Weight Training – My Favorite Fast Interval Sequence

A client came to me some months back asking for a more “metabolically” focused workout. Certainly not anorexic, in fact built like a linebacker, I wanted him to do this with strength training because cardio is crap. High Intensity Intervals are in vogue right now, so I’m not proposing anything new or novel, just a simple sequence I use to beat the snot out of clients in less than 15 minutes.

This is best done with blast straps, but if you don’t have them, I have alternate exercises.


1. Starting with blast strap pushups, crank out 10 repetitions. Focus on maximum depth of motion and balance of effort through both arms. Without rest, follow with…

2. Blast strap rows. Focus on spreading the chest and squeezing the shoulder blades together; really feel the back and don’t worry about if your hands reach your body; they shouldn’t if you’re doing it right. Finish your 10th repetition and quickly scoot to…

3.Leg Press. Set a weight you can do about 15 times and perform 10 repetitions.  No need for a warmup, just control the early reps.

4. Rest 1 minute and only 1 minute.

5. Repeat the sequence; same reps, same exercises, same order.

6. Rest 2 minutes and only 2 minutes.

7. You’re going to repeat the sequence again only this time doing as many repetitions are you can, aiming to reach muscular fatigue. This is person-dependent, but I often see a 50% increase in the repetitions performed. Over time this increases as the load stays consistent. If and when you double your reps (i.e. doing 20+ reps without reaching fatigue), you’ll need to increase your resistence.

8. Rest 3 minutes

9. If you’re a studly guy, grab a pair of 10lbs dumbbells; if you’re a svelt lady, grab a pair of 5lb dumbbells. You’re going to perform Tabata interval sets of thrusters( you don’t need the snazzy ball):

The goal here is as many reps as possible. Don’t worry about counting and just crank em’ out. It’s simple:

1. As many reps as you can get in 20 seconds.

2. Rest 10 seconds. Get the weight out of your hand.

3. Repeat 3 more times.

The entire workout should take less than 15 minutes.

Alternate Exercises:

If you don’t have access to blast straps or rings, you’ll have to perform a standard pushup or an elevated pushup if you’re already an athlete. To replace the row, perform inverted rows on a power rack or smith machine:

If you’ve done it right, you should finish the workout looking something like this:

What is your favorite fast, ass-kicking workout?

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