Appetite – An Inquiry

I love sleep. Really. I get more than enough and nap like an 80 year old man, which is to say daily. My mother thought I had mono when I was in high school because I slept so much. This post isn’t about sleep.

Hibernation is something I find very interesting from a hormonal/metabolic standpoint. Intermittent living, if you will. And while there have been articles written recently, specifically Graham Robb’s “The Big Sleep”, there is no actual evidence for humans hibernating, unless you count what an 18th century traveller reports as evidence. If you do, I hear there are humans who grow to be 12 feet tall near the southern tip of South America. I digress.

For me, during the summer I want to eat. A lot. My attention turns toward wanting to put on loads of muscle tissue via a superior hormonal environment and that comes with extra food intake. But in the winter, I want to get lean, see my abs, see veins on my abs. This seems very backwards, especially if you consider what Frank Forenchich says about heat blunting our appetite. I can’t tie this to activity, as I’m not especially the outdoorsy type and tend to play more basketball during the late fall/winter/early spring period, as Texas winters mean the afternoon is just right for the sport while summers steam your face off. To my point, it seems to make sense that we’d fatten up to get ready for winter, even if we’re not hibernating. Occam’s Razor is often very, very wrong, however.

So my question to you, my readers, is this: What is your ebb and flow of season appetite? Do you notice something similar to what I’ve experienced?

7 thoughts on “Appetite – An Inquiry

  1. I find the opposite of what you are saying but definitely get where you are coming from. In the summer I tend to want to be leaner, probably because I’m much more active in the summer (rock climbing season… EVERYDAY!) and I’m wearing less clothes. As a girl- that means I want to see my wanna be six pack.

    In the winter however, I want to get stronger, look bigger, be tougher. I would think this is because during the winter I do less climbing and more weight lifting, therefor I expect to be bigger and make greater gains.

    Oddly enough- in regards to sleep- I usually sleep much more in the winter. I don’t know how that’s possible because I LOVE sleep. I’d sleep 12 hours a day if I could and it didn’t mean missing out on climbing/working out/life. But I think that has a lot to do with my bed being warm and outside of the bed, not so much. Also- with the lack of sunlight I tend to get a little bit of the seasonal depression thing, where I start craving daylight and sleeping more.

    1. Rayna,

      Logically this makes the most sense and that’s often the battle, isn’t it? How you feel versus the most logical time to add some mass.


  2. I am just like you. I always feel more motivated to lose weight in the winter! It’s been that way for years. And, I am with you on the sleep issue. I LOVE sleeping and nap almost every single day as well! Maybe we have some bear genes in us somewhere.

    1. Though I still feel that, for me, it’s independent of light, I’ve been paying more attention to getting the lights down at dark. My sleep is better; appetite remains roughly the same. I’ll take that any day of the week.

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