Gironda’s “Mass Gain” Shake

The original shredder himself.

Fridays in my house are typically a low-food affair. Rather, most of the really simple to prepare things are gone and any meat is thawing or in the long water bath. If you’ve just come home from bouldering, as I have, what are you going to make that is full of thick, tasty, nutritious goodness? A Gironda shake, of course.According to “Vince Gironda: Legend and Myth,” Mr. Gironda was a huge fan of a shake consisting of eggs, protein, and cream. He used it as a staple of his athletes muscle gain cycles to get the extra calories and fat they needed to grow. Fairly straightforward affair:

  • 4 oz heavy whipping cream
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 scoops of protein powder
  • Ice to thicken

Toss in your favorite blender, stamp it down a couple times to make sure the ice is crushed, and drink straight from the blender cup (to annoy your significant other, like I do). Here are the facts:

724 calories, 60g protein, 4g carbs, 52g fat

Fills you up, never lets you down. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Gironda’s “Mass Gain” Shake

  1. Hi,

    Having trained at Vince’s as a whee youth, I’ll share Mr. Gironda wasn’t a big fan of shakes…these were supplements to real meals. Vince was a huge fan of eggs…lots of them…and steak along with hundreds of dessicated liver tabs and RNA because of their alleged benefits.

    Vince actually learned about this concoction from Rheo Blair and he sold Blair’s protein powder for years until there was either a falling out or business problems that caused a separation. He then began selling the NSP brand.

    Keep in mind Vince recommended this as part of his dietary program for leaning out and (allegedly) to build mass. This was back in the days when the mythos of consuming lots & lots of protein lead to building big muscles. For example, Vince had recommended consuming hundreds of dessicated liver tabs per day to get big. The only thing they did for most of us was give us indigestion and gas.

    Vince died in 1997 at 79 of heart disease and was reports from people who had known or worked for him said he suffering from dementia. Diet induced? Possibly…the man was a great physical specimen, but, as research has indicated recently in the NEJM and ongoing work conducted by Dr. Robert Vogel, dietary fats–especially SFAs–do negatively impact the health of the endothelial cells. Short term, you may look good because of a keto-diet. Long term, you may be facing TIAs (and dementia) and vascular disease.

    1. Parker,

      Thank you for the wisdom. I’m familiar with some of Dr. Vogel’s work but haven’t seen the research on SFA’s and endothelial cells. Thanks for the tip!

  2. He said not to blend the cream but to mix it afterwards with a fork. The reason he gave was that blender emulsifies fats to very small particles and they become hard to digest. What he really meant was that blender liberates bovine xanthine oxidase which is harmful for human. Unlike commercial milk, commercial cream is usually not homogenizid and is much healthier.

  3. Vince didn’t know anything about biochemistry or nutrition except for a few of the limited books he had like Stefansson’s and a few others he used as validation for eating low carb. Stefansson, unfortunately, died of a massive stroke around 80 and Vince of a massive heart attack. Neither understood the inflammatory nature of the high fat diets they advocated vs. Mediterranean-type approaches like Dr. Ron Rosedale, MD (endocrinologist). Vince was in great shape when I met him–still had the six pack abs, etc., but, his training and diet simply weren’t the pancea his followers and the magazines claimed.

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