Master Of Exercise Science

It’s not Johns Hopkins, but I think it’s pretty cool regardless.

I recently finished my undergrad, 10 years after I started. Granted there was a multi-year gap in the middle requiring the completion of classes a second time for credit (thanks Texas!). However, it’s done.

With that, I’ve been accepted into Texas State University College of Education to further my education, this time achieving the title of “Master of Exercise Science, ” which is a lot easier to say than “Master of Education in Physical Education with an emphasis on Exercise Science.”

Years ago, Dr. Doug McGuff and I were having a discussion about fascinations. Specifically, Doug noted that we are often so preoccupied with the thing we are not talented in, so much so that what we are talented in is taken for granted. The good news is that Doug’s talent for medicine was not taken for granted and this opportunity will not be taken for granted either.

Thankfully this should only take 2 years.

I suspect, somewhere in the ether, my mother is proud.

6 thoughts on “Master Of Exercise Science

  1. Way to go Skyler! Shout it from the rooftops! It’s never too late. And now a Master’s pursuit. Show off. Congratulations.

    1. Beck,

      Isn’t that the truth? My parents didn’t go to college so this is a big thing. My father of course isn’t making a big deal about it:

      “So what do I call you now? You’re a graduate, but you’ve not finished graduate school?”

  2. Skyler,

    Congrats!! I hope you find that what you have talent for overlaps nicely with what you have passion for. 2 years is no time at all….remember, school is finite-work is forever.

    1. Just gaining clout, Doug.

      An aside: A client of mine was reading your “Doctor’s don’t know exercise” essay (I had it lying out). She saw you speak here a couple years back and whilst reading through she goes, “HE’S ONLY ALMOST 40?! That twit!” I explained to here that the essay is a decade old.

      She used to belong to Ryan Hall; let’s blame him.


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