The 21 Convention 2011

Anthony Johnson wants to save America.

I don’t mean this like he’s going to build an iron suit and blow up the fed, though I suspect is disdain for FIAT currency would motivate such a superhero feat, I mean he wants to help expand the ideas of the one thing any man knows best: other men.

Anthony is the creator of “The 21 Convention,” a forum for disseminating ideas about relationships, health and physiology, actualization, and action. It’s what TED would be if it wasn’t put on by self-important silicon valley weenies and included fucking King Leonidas in their advertising:

This is the 21 convention!

Why am I mentioning that I’m speaking at a convention that is in large part about improving dating and relationships? My grizzled married ass is going to be presenting at the 21 Convention in Orlando this July. My topic is going to be related to my “Manifesto” I wrote earlier this month. If I get anywhere close to Doug McGuff’s talk last summer I’ll pat myself on the back:

Tickets can be purchased here.

Go get em’ boys…or girls, if you want to see how the next generation of men are trying to shape their future.

3 thoughts on “The 21 Convention 2011

  1. Looking forward to your speech big time Skyler.

    Regarding the FED, if I were CEO, I would work to abolish it, immediately — much like Ron Paul will.

    If that proved to be exceedingly difficult, I would ask for donations from around the country to have a moat built around the entire building, with no bridge, and filled the largest alligators gold could buy, in the memory and spirit of Arthur Jones.


    — Anthony

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