Added: Testimonials Page

If you take a look to the top right of the bar you’ll see I’ve added a testimonials page. I’ve not heavily advertised my services because my survival doesn’t depend on them: my primary job is training people here in Austin, Texas. However, I do offer services for those who are motivated to change and willing to accept to outside coaching. This is where I come in and use my wealth of experience and education to move a person in the direction they’d like to go.

I’m not a drill sergeant; I meet people where they are at by teasing out the low-hanging fruit that are keeping them from moving toward their goals. Thus while I gather a fair bit of background, most of my work as a consultant is questioning, probing, educating, and adapting. Because it is a process rather than a path, I’ve had good success with people from wildly different training backgrounds.

If any of this sound appealing, take a look at my page above and contact me.

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