The 21 Convention 2014

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It’s back! The #1 men’s conference in the known universe (and perhaps beyond) will be in Tampa this year from October 24th-26th, so Friday-Sunday . Take a look at the trailer:

I spoke at the 21 Convention three years ago in an off-the-cuff version of my “Six Year Itch” post. I added some life lessons, some discussions of mortality & exercise (namely you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone so don’t fuck it up doing joint-risky movements), and basically called it a day. I can talk for a LONG time, but quickly realized that a little more prep work was going to be needed if I was to be as eloquent as my friend Doug.

That said, I was surprised at the depth of character of the attendees. They weren’t just horndogs trying to pickup women; rather, that was the tip of the spear as to attempt to define what “manhood” means in reality. Juxtapose this was the “oughts” that society can level against any young person and you can start to see why this is nearly radical. It’s a bit like Steve Jobs quote: the “rules” of the society your were thrust into were built by people, people no smarter than you. Understanding that, you can change your direction, making your own path.

The next year, I spoke on the topic of Biomarkers of Aging, which was an early project in my graduate school career that eventually led to a research review that’s currently in submission review. This talk was much better received, as I had some slides that were humorous and illustrative for some of the larger concepts as to how training helps you get more than swole, brah. My wife still maintains that it was my best talk ever. It eventually ended up on Dr. Mercola’s website, which no matter how you feel about his recommendations, is pretty neat to have access to such a wide audience.

After a year hiatus, Anthony has tightened the focus and reduced the speaker load: better access for attendees, better experience for all. Instead of talking about exercise, I’m going to discuss something else that I think becomes the end game for most of these guys: fatherhood. Namely, all of the stuff I would have liked to have known about the first year plus of fatherhood that I had never seen candidly discussed on the internet. Most of the resources are aimed at women OR they’re in some far corner of the internet that doesn’t have the audience to help guys along. I’m really looking forward to having fun with this one!

As noted above, the shorter set list allows for hour-long talks and greater interaction. Here’s the lineup:

  1. Anthony Dream Johnson (unannounced)
  2. Socrates – keynote speaker (relationships)
  3. Brent Smith (dating/lifestyle)
  4. Greg Swann (philosophy)
  5. James Marshall (dating/lifestyle)
  6. Steve Mayeda (dating/lifestyle)
  7. Bill DeSimone (exercise)
  8. Skyler Tanner (fatherhood)
  9. Sasha Daygame (dating/lifestyle)
  10. James Maclane (dating/lifestyle)
  11. Nick Sparks (dating/lifestyle)
  12. Dr. Doug McGuff M.D. (health/philosophy)
  13. Drew Baye (exercise)
  14. Don Watkins (philosophy)
  15. James Steele II Ph.D. (exercise)
  16. Dr. Eric Daniels Ph.D. (philosophy)
  17. Ed Aiken (self defense)
  18. Dr. Ellington Darden Ph.D. (exercise)
  19. Edward Druce (career/entrepreneurship)
  20. Dr. Paul Jaminet Ph.D. (health/nutrition)
  21. Damien Diecke (dating/lifestyle)
  22. Robbie Kramer (dating/lifestyle)

It’s going to be a rockin’ good time.

If this interests you, register below. I’ll receive a small kickback if you do, which would be nice, but I’m more interested in getting this great information out to guys everywhere. Remember: there’s a hard cap at 55 attendees, so don’t lollygag if you’re interested.

You know what else not lollygagging will get you? $150 dollars off but only through June 29th at 9pm est. That’s a pretty sweet deal on a conference with those speakers at a 4 star hotel that includes a 5 star dinner. Plus these are BIG days, think 9am – 7pm daily.

Go get a ticket! You won’t regret it!



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